Mejazz build super combat sales team competition

Date:2018/2/10 12:58:51Browse the number:214

In order to build a super combat effectiveness of the sales team, work together to find the key factors to realize the goal of fighting the evening of December 14, 2017, Mejazz multi functional Conference team gathered in the company office, held the 2017 master Xuan build super combat sales team competition, competition in College Team building + theme discussion + results presentation, and invite general manager and relevant part of the colleagues to participate in the team.


The first link: inspiring
The sales executives and the head of the store carried out a 3 minute call, pulled the tickets, and mobilized the sales staff to join their team. The atmosphere is like incandescent.Full of intense fighting spirit. After this round of speech, the salespeople voted "the most TOP group in my mind".
Second link - team formation
Team building is completed, a group discussion confirmed by the internal name, slogan and team style display form. Invincible team, team, win money The team, the Changhong team, the first name makes people hot. The members of the group voted on the momentum, creativity, tacit agreement, etc. of the teams.
Topic discussion
1, consider from the customer's perspective, what are the core competitiveness and advantages of Mingjiang Hin?
2. How to make use of our advantages to promote performance goals?
3, how to use our soft clothing advantages to promote the one-stop, large house full house matching sales?
The groups were brainstorming. After a warm discussion, each participant published his own views and made a point of view in a group.In the end, the team members of the general manager and the deputy director of the operation analyzed the views and summed up the most common topics.





Through this competition, all the sales staff have mastered the core advantages of our company and sort out the important ways to achieve the achievement goals.And how to use our soft clothing advantages to promote the one-stop, large house and whole house matching sales, for each sales staff has a very important significance.