Product details


Isamaylon classical style from simple to complex, from local to the whole, crafted parquet engraved gold are meticulous person impression. On the one hand retained the color material, the general style, you can still feel very strongly that traces the  history of traditional culture and the vigorous, at the same time abandon the overly complex texture and decoration, simplified lines.







Isamaylon launched the latest in a series of high-end products continue to retain all solid wood carving craft, in front of a series of three elements of the essence of the fusion, on the basis, to coffee, antique silver, wine red, white, black and so on five color swap as the main body, in the brown and wine red color to the new system by manipulation of light, making the product more fashion sense.







In the main product visual surface with parquet veneer elements, the sense of infinite sublimation of the overall value of the products; the original flavor of the original Italian design, parquet Italy advanced technology plus, overall product looks more international norm.