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TALMD He-Show Fashion simple beauty series

September 2015 furniture is a furniture exhibition memorable, Mejazz Furniture TALMD new series-HE SHOW exhibition in Shanghai lively Extraordinary The series in this year the 21st session of China International Furniture Fair launched a immediately by the love light luxury Jane wind people chase after hold in both hands, ushered in The industry and the designer of the onlookers, the scene is unusually hot, can be described as a stunning audience!



The exhibition in Shanghai did not see or not, welcome to Shun Lian·Mejazz Furniture continues to boom!The following is the scene of the real Mejazz, visual impact, are you ready?

TALMD He-Show Fashion simple beauty series


Three different types of American style design, respectively, to a different creative inspiration: Lauren Ralph Ralph Lauren from the United States.Loaded with the "American classic" brand Lauren..Ralph is a high taste of the United States of America, the taste of fashion brands, we let his elements Into the design of the soft, the series is inspired by Hermes, and it has a rich sense of space, which is the design of Hermes.Element, including orange, cortex, harness design elements, design space around the whole development of elements, for the entire American furniture design, giving a theme of Hermes; and to film "ace agents" story plots and scenes as a theme, create a very British style environment.








Deep dark green, with a strong retro temperament, in the new Chinese style furniture, the production of different chemical temperament, full of modern temperament However, in the details of the Department is also reflected in the existence of nostalgia, the existence of such contradictions, making the space design more interesting, more interesting, adding air The visual focus point, as in the experience of the golden age, the space of the flow of art temperament and design inspiration.







The overall tone of the design is mainly green, the continuation of 909 of the green, and then add the Chinese festival of Chinese elements, making the whole space is large Air style, but not to lose the delicate, so full of details, more interesting.








The design uses bright yellow as the adornment color, as the 899 new Chinese furniture to add bright color, the design is derived from Seminal Hotel, in the image of the black and white gray tones, yellow so that the whole space active.